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*) Important information: We would like to inform you that our company does not provide services that require special permission under the law, in particular, but not exclusively, the provision of legal services, patent attorney services, etc. If needed, our company is prepared to cooperate with entities that posses the appropriate authorizations. 

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Industrial Project Management

Do you need to manage an industrial project?

As skilled, IPMA-certified project managers with a track record in complex pharmaceutical projects, we will be glad to manage your project or its critical phase, according to your requirements. Smoothly, confidently and with a smile.

Do you need precise definition of project objectives and structures, including risk management and stakeholder analysis?

We will select the most suitable tool from the PM toolbox, adjust it to your requirements, and help you with all the necessary project definitions – from LogFrame to detailed WBS and Gannt.

Do you want to implement project office or evolve and fine-tune your project management tools?

We will assist your project management to stand on its own feet by implementation or improvement of your own tools and techniques.

For a chemical or pharmaceutical project, do you need a literature or patent research or a detailed prior art search?*

We will perform a detailed research covering a specific topic or technical solution (molecule, use, formulation, technology, …). For patents, we will visualise the technical risk in a clear summary and report.

For the specified topic, we will perform a detailed prior art search and identify the technically and scientifically most relevant documents.

Would you like to discuss a particular chemical or pharmaceutical solution?*


We will evaluate your proposal of technical solutions, assume a position and provide our expert opinion based on our experience. An in-depth discussion is a matter of course.

Process Optimisation

Do your tools match your company culture, environment and values? Would you like to have them tailor-made?

We believe your company process should stem from your company culture, environment and values. We do not compete with your ongoing Lean, Kaizen or Kata endeavours; we complement them by providing an alternative view. And yes, we do not think the Japanese system suite everyone automatically.

Do you need a quick check of your processes? Or long-term support of change management?

We will inspect the process, talk to the team, and give you an opinion and recommendation if steps need to be taken. However, if you are seeking a long-term support rather than a touch-and-go external partner, we will be glad to accompany you on the journey.

Are your processes heavy, unclear or inconsistent? Is the value stream uncharted?

We will help you with mapping the company process, focusing on the value stream, and help you streamline. As external partners, we will provide a fair and experienced view.

Are the responsibilities ill-defined, leading to process gaps and conflicts?

We will help you with the definition of responsibilities to remove the gaps and resolve the conflicts by understanding the process, people and their environment.

Why Kapaji?

  • We will boost your project management resources, dedicating all the capacity needed for the project and its team. No project is too small or too large.

  • Useful, practical tools which match the situation: simple tools for smaller projects, complex tools for complex projects. No blunt tools!

  • We will report about the project clearly and transparently, as often and with such a level of detail as required. A written report, presentation, table, KPIs, whatever you need to run the business. We are big in visual communication.

  • We are fully engaged in the project and care about its success and long-term relationship with the customer.

  • We step in when needed, and step out when we are not needed. You only pay for what you get.

  • We prefer to work with the project teams face to face, but we are used to working across phone or videoconference.

  • We are dead serious about confidentiality. Your know-how will be absolutely safe with us.

  • You can rely on our years of experience and a number of projects managed (and completed).

  • We have led projects, teams, and departments in a corporate environment, and we have continuously faced (and responded to) the need to improve the company processes – from big to tiny, from small teams to through whole departments to company-wide processes.

  • We respect your people, culture, vision and values.

  • We tailor the tools to your needs.

  • Our aim is your long-term satisfaction with the optimised process. Our aspiration is a minimal process burden with maximal efficiency, flexibility and function, yet optimal control.

  • Therefore, we care beyond deployment and listen to your feedback, long-term.​