Pharmaceutical development

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API solid form

You need

Deal with IP restrictions

Improved bioavailability

Stable amorphous form

Stable "metastable" form

Targeted API properties (PSD, …)

Crystallisation scale-up


We offer

Solid form screening (polymorphs, salts, co-crystals, solvates)

Polymorph investigation

​Solubilisation of poorly soluble APIs

​Amorph stabilisation by polymers, small molecules, particle loading

​Chemical engineering approach to crystallisation development


API characterization

You need

​Fully characterise the API

​Select API solid form

​Understand stability issues

​Understand in vitro behaviour

​Solve agglomeration, sticking, …

​API suppliers in-depth comparison

​API batch-to-batch variability

​Understand out-of-specs results

We offer

Molecular structure and properties

​API solid state form properties

​Powder properties

​Standard and advanced in vitro testing

​Impurity identification and degradation mechanisms

​API form selection based on physicochemical properties 


You need

​Understand granule inner structure

​Investigate flowability, elasticity, plasticity, sticking, ...

​Investigate surface energy and composition

​Understand process parameters critical for in vitro release

​Understand sensitivity to humidity

​Solve transfer and scale-up issues


We offer

​Intermediate characterisation

​Hygroscopicity testing

​Surface properties

​Creation of 2D/3D models of inner structure

​Disintegration behaviour study

​Stress testing

​Advanced in vitro testing 

Drug products

You need

​Minimise in vivo testing risks

​Solve out-of-specs results

​Understand disintegration

​Understand effect of packaging

​Drug product troubleshooting

​Understand degradation

​Understand original or competitor product for Gx or LCM development


We offer

​Drug product reverse engineering

​Standard and advanced characterisation

​Drug product hygroscopicity

​Standard and advanced in vitro testing

​Disintegration mechanism study

​Stress testing and impurity identification

​Critical quality attributes identification

Solid dosage form preformulation

Method development


Root-cause analysis


Prof. František Štěpánek

University of Chemical Technology

Scientific Director of The Parc

Owner of Chobotix




Pavel Calta is a true professional who combines technical expertise with a clear focus on strategic goals and the ability to energise people by a friendly, no-nonsense approach. It has been an honour to work together with Pavel on the creation of The Parc, a unique industry–academia partnership for applied pharmaceutical research

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