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*) Important information: We would like to inform you that our company does not provide services that require special permission under the law, in particular, but not exclusively, the provision of legal services, patent attorney services, etc. If needed, our company is prepared to cooperate with entities that posses the appropriate authorizations. 

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Support of pharmaceutical development and production

Do you need hands-on experts with state-of-the art equipment to support your pharma development and production?

API solid form

You need

Deal with IP restrictions

Improved bioavailability

Stable amorphous form

Stable “metastable” form

Targeted API properties (PSD, …)

Crystallisation scale-up

We offer

Solid form screening (polymorphs, salts,

co-crystals, solvates)

Polymorph investigation

Solubilisation of poorly soluble APIs

Amorph stabilisation by polymers, small molecules, particle loading

Chemical engineering approach to crystallisation development

API characterization

You need

Fully characterise the API

Select API solid form

Understand stability issues

Understand in vitro behaviour

Solve agglomeration, sticking, …

API suppliers in-depth comparison

API batch-to-batch variability

Understand out-of-specs results

We offer

Molecular structure and properties

API solid state form properties

Powder properties

Standard and advanced in vitro testing

Impurity identification and degradation mechanisms

API form selection based on physicochemical properties 


You need

Understand granule inner structure

Investigate flowability, elasticity, plasticity, sticking, ...

Investigate surface energy and composition

Understand process parameters

critical for in vitro release

Understand sensitivity to humidity 

Solve transfer and scale-up issues

We offer

Intermediate characterisation

Hygroscopicity testing

Surface properties

Creation of 2D/3D models of inner structure

Disintegration behaviour study

Stress testing

Advanced in vitro testing 

Drug products

You need

Minimise in vivo testing risks

Solve out-of-specs results

Understand disintegration

Understand effect of packaging

Drug product troubleshooting

Understand degradation

Understand original or competitor product for Gx or LCM development

We offer

Drug product reverse engineering

Standard and advanced characterisation

Drug product hygroscopicity

Standard and advanced in vitro testing

Disintegration mechanism study

Stress testing and impurity identification

Critical quality attributes identification

Solid dosage form preformulation

Method development


Root-cause analysis

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