We’re Kapaji and we solve problems. We have lots of corporate experience but we prefer a more straightforward approach. We are unique in being a small, freelance team with access to technical abilities equal to those of big players.
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Our story started when we decided that we all wanted to do things differently. We left big pharma and created Kapaji. Using our skills in industrial project management, pharmaceutical development and production, and process optimization, as well as experience with drug registration and the capacity to train employees, we are able to help companies both in the pharmaceutical industry and elsewhere. We help get drugs to the market. We fix processes. We actually want to make things better. In our industry, people often like big words. We are not that much into talking. We do this because we love to see the results. We enjoy taking pride in what we helped achieve. We get stuff done. Want to see what kind of stuff? Look at our references.

Who we are →

Chemistry itself is a bit like Legos, but just on a different scale. When you put in the work and add a touch of fantasy, both can be used to create the entire universe.

Karel Zelenka

Organic chemist and patent specialist turned project manager. Everyone loves to work with him until he whips out tasks from the last meeting. Expert in creating backup plans for backup plans and risk analyses with at least one high-risk and n! points for risk mitigation.

Loves Legos because they can be used for anything including managing complex projects and production transfers. Can admit to a mistake, but will never forgive not adhering to a set system.

Special (in)abilities: Crystal ball, maneki-neko cats. Ability to find a fault anywhere (popular with due diligence). Inability to give up.

The development of drugs is like a puzzle. For you to arrive at an impressive image in the end, you first have to place hundreds of tiny segments in the right places and in the right way.

Pavel Calta

A fan of chromatographic methods and stress studies. Pioneer of a reverse engineering system for the holistic understanding of drug forms. The creator of the system for the selection of the API solid state form based on physico-chemical properties. Pioneer of preformulation and biopharmacy.

Our resident scientist. Works with universities across the continent, father of The Parc scientific cluster. Turned a 70-member project team into small, agile units.

Special (in)abilities: Able to understand complex systems and getting them to work. Ability to talk about them for hours and hours. Inability to stop.

Managing projects often feels like a brain teaser. You’re trying to quickly solve something that appears difficult, if not impossible. And, at the same time, do it both with ease and a smile on your face.

Jiří Svoboda

A veteran project manager, he was able to prevent eight-figure Euro budgets from creeping out of control and keep 100+ member teams working like clockwork. A survivor of 30 budget cycles. He pioneered new methods of project management and likes to experiment with the ways to manage processes. A detective of root causes.

He’s a fan of visual management. Also, a perfectionist in typography, tormented by the out-of-place comma. He sleeps with a LaTeX handbook under his pillow.

Special (in)abilities: Careful listener. Able to turn complicated into simple, and vice versa. Inability to say no. Inability to leave things half-finished.

Why us?

  • We don’t just talk the talk, we really walk the walk
  • We’re able to completely plan and execute (or outsource) the drug development
  • We live by the boy-scouts rule: leave the place better than you found it
  • With decades of experience between us, we know what we’re doing
  • Our knowledge of the industry goes deep to the core
  • We have access to technologies usually only available to the biggest players
We may not be the right choice for you — but if we are not, we will tell you. We only take jobs that make sense. We only do what we are good at. That’s what excites us. That’s why we love what we do.