Project management in the pharmaceutical industry

Projects are like children. Without a good lead, they’ll get lost in the woods and confused. We’ve brought many of them through their first steps and helped soothe their teething pains. With our experience, we can help you get your projects up and running quickly.

Picking the right tools

We’ll determine which project management tools will be the right ones for the job. We don’t care if they’re cutting edge or old school. We care what works.

Managing the project

Sometimes, the right tools and processes are not enough. If for any reason you lack the management capacities, we can lead your project to a successful finish. We report on the progress as required. We make sure the project is closed properly and that its goals translate into tangible results.

Novavax CZ

Kapaji handled a number of projects for our company with great professionalism and a hands-on approach, regardless of the given complexity. During the implementation of a new product, Kapaji successfully managed a program consisting of the whole-site preparation for GMP runs, which allowed us to entrust them with tasks of growing difficulty, including streamlining the product cycle time (a task featuring numerous interfaces, relationships, and sub-projects), as well as the resurgence and management of the project office). This included preparing and altering the entire site project management system, with reporting at both the local and corporate levels, clearer responsibility definitions, and establishing a standard for project reviews. Kapaji has achieved all of this with incredible efficiency, expertise, and even a smile and a show of respect towards our developing company’s needs and requirements.
Pavel Kratina — XXXXXXXXX

Why Kapaji?

We go all in. No project is too big or too small for us. At the same time, we act effectively, not trying to get involved where we don’t need to – and getting out once our job is done. We respect your company, your people, and your culture. Our goal is to make changes that will make your company and your projects work better in the long term, and we will use all of our experience and knowledge to make that happen.