Generic molecule evaluation
and IP protection

Developing generics is like navigating a labyrinth. We will help you find your way through the maze of patents and IP protection, finding the right molecule for your product.

We start with technical, clinical, and business evaluations of molecules, a crucial part of the selection process. This allows us to precisely define the project objectives and strategy. We also help with finding the optimal development path to achieve the desired product qualities.

Protection of intellectual property is also essential for molecule selection. We assess the patent risks and evaluate the scope of patent protection. We are also able to secure the services of patent attorneys.

We support both Big Pharma as well as startup companies.


We have used Kapaji to assess the business potential of some of our key drug development programs. Kapaji provided us with an excellent analysis and valuable recommendations for further product development, considering both competitive target profiles, the market potential […]. I can highly recommend Kapaji as a sparring partner for pharma and biotech startup companies.
Ole Wiborg — CEO

We perform​

  • Technical evaluation of development candidates, including literature and patent research
  • IP evaluation and the definition of IP strategy
  • Business evaluation
  • Help with the definition of project objectives and strategy
  • Clinical evaluation of candidates, the definition of the clinical profile, and strategy

We are also able to secure patent attorney services

  • Legal protection of technical solutions – patents, utility models, industrial designs
  • Patents in chemistry, the pharmaceutical industry, and other technical fields
  • Patent searches, FTO reports
  • IP protection strategy
  • Evaluation of the scope of protection and patent risks assessment
  • Protection of technical solutions abroad (USA, CN, and other countries), EU and PCT patent applications
  • Validation of European Patents, translations
  • SPC certificates for medicinal products
  • Lectures and other educational activities in the field of intellectual property